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  • "Energetic, growing, diverse."

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    Huidige werknemer - Software Engineer in Londen, Engeland (Verenigd Koninkrijk)
    Huidige werknemer - Software Engineer in Londen, Engeland (Verenigd Koninkrijk)
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    Ik heb een voltijdbaan bij Synthace (Langer dan een jaar)


    Potentially very impactful laboratory software - automation of an industry.

    Novel software, novel problems. The depth and interest of the work really stands out from crowd of web app companies.

    High degree of autonomy on how problems are solved, feels like employee feedback is seriously listened to. There's scope for everyone to make an impact.

    Inclusive - everyone including the CEO is approachable. Many team meetings are open. Always easy to get a coffee in the kitchen and chat with whoever is there.

    Mix of biologists and software engineers, and they do talk to each other - a lot! Serious efforts to spread knowledge - biologists included in software design and review, engineers doing lab training.

    Good work/life balance. Generally an ethical company planning for long term growth rather than quick burnout.

    Nice office environment - plants, snacks, coffee, open areas for relaxing away from the desk. Regular social events and meals.


    Still a small company, although making great strides.

    Advies aan management

    Keep going, stay focussed. Keep the 'one team' mentality as the company grows.

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