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Vancouver, WA (Verenigde Staten)
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Banfield Pet Hospital President Brian Garish
Brian Garish
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  • "Veterinary Assistant"

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    Huidige werknemer - Veterinary Assistant in Saint Petersburg, FL (Verenigde Staten)
    Huidige werknemer - Veterinary Assistant in Saint Petersburg, FL (Verenigde Staten)
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    Good benefits. Pay ok because of recently made changes. Moderately flexible scheduling. Easy to transfer to other locations nationwide, so moving isn't necessarily an issue.


    Experience is dependent on the location. High turnover rate. Great teams will be established but never last long. The good employees are usually the first to leave for better opportunities. Practice managers are usually the driving force behind this. Most are thrown into their position with little training. The main focus of management is to drive numbers and bring in more pets, usually not taking into account the flow of the day and the sacrifice to quality medicine that has to be made in order to see that volume. This is driving customer satisfaction into the ground.

    Also, we are expected to work long hours but are not allowed any overtime. So we were often left short staffed because people would be sent home to avoid overtime.

    Advies aan management

    Provide better training to managers. Listen openly to parastaff. Help managers understand what can realistically be seen in a day in order to facilitate more appropriate scheduling of appointments. By doing so, clients will have a clearer understanding of what to expect and therefore drive higher quality medicine and higher client satisfaction.

    I have seen many changes in my almost 8 years with this company. Some great, some not so much. I feel like Banfield is finally on the right track as far as benefits and trying to take better care of their employees. They must remember, however, that the staff at the hospital level is the foundation of the company, and without a strong foundation to support it, the structure will eventually collapse.

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  • Top 1000 Companies Worldwide for Millennial Women in 2018, Mogul, 2018
  • Points of Light’s Civic 50, Points of Light, 2017
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