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Gurgaon, Haryana (India)
201 tot 500 werknemers
Onbekend / Niet van toepassing
GlobalLogic, Nagarro, Virtusa

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Gemini Solutions Director Vishal Malik
Vishal Malik
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    "Good employees but poor management."

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    Voormalige werknemer - Software Engineer L1 in Gurgaon, Haryana (India)
    Voormalige werknemer - Software Engineer L1 in Gurgaon, Haryana (India)
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    1. Employees are largely good in their work, very helpful and friendly. 

    2. Work for extended hours, but being a growing company that is also justified. 

    3. One thing that's good is that you will get to work in multiple technologies even at fresher level.

    4. Pays a bit more that similar companies but they get their money back by making you work way more than those companies, still fair enough.


    All the reviews about the company are either 1 star or 5 star. 1star/2star are the real ones and 5 star are the ones filled by people who just received a mail from HR to fill some good reviews on glassdoor. If you believe all reviews to be true than their average ratings will match that of Apple Inc. So use your judgement for that.

    1. The company's pay package looks like they pay a bit more than similar counterparts but believe me the senior management has put all its skills and intelligence to make sure that effectively you do not get that.

    2. The worst part is mid-management. They have hired dummy mid-level management so that the senior managment had direct control over the employees. They don't trust their own mid-management.

    3. Senior managment is very qualified and intelligence and so are the employees. But hiring low paid dummy managers is not an intelligent move, it hurts the employees being managed and in return the company. Managment is not smart enough to handle qulaified employees.

    4. They contstantly keep changing their rules, obviously in their favour. If there's any conflict on a decision , the HR will come with a pdf of the updated T&C created recently.

    5. As a growing company they still do not pay much attention to recreation or working conditions.

    6. Its unfair to have unqulaified and technically incompetent managment. But the company has to pay them. So somebody needs to work so the company earn enough profits. So, by  large you will have to put some even extra hours to make up for their cost.

    7. Some companies save themselves from "HIRE and FIRE" tag. This is from the group of companies that take pride in that. One of the manager proudly boasted to employees after few months that they have "HIRE and FIRE" culture here.

    8. They will ask you sign contracts with luring packages. But they impose very strict fines to the tune of lakhs if you leave the company before 1-2 years. And while you are here for the period, then.... Oh boy you are at their disposal. They will treat you like anything with threats to fire at their will and god forbid if you get so frustrated that you leave, then the hefty fine is there to welcome and get back almost all that you saved. For some interns its more than the total amount they got in last 1 year in the company. 

    9. They also do not expect employees time and schedule. They can ask you to work in day or night shifts. Or sometimes mixture of both as per their requirements. So be ready for that.

    Advies aan management

    The Senior management should hire some good and technically sound managers if they want to keep smart people on board. Else pay less hire more do not make good enough companies.

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