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Bangalore (India)
10000+ werknemers
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€ 5 - € 10 miljard (EUR) per jaar

Infosys – Waarom bij ons werken?

Can I make a difference? - that simple question you ask yourself, and will ask us before you choose to move forward and consider a future with us – We take that question very seriously. We encourage everybody with us to ask that of themselves and ask us that question too. So we can help our people do the things that move the world forward, and help them realize their own aspirations too in the process.

Because the most interesting story for each of us is the one we can script or shape ourselves, isn’t it? So, that question you just asked is an important one indeed. Because we are a digital services company, it’d be easy to conclude that our business is all about technology, right? And of course, technology is integral to what we do. But more important than even technology for us is our people. It’s our people that find the purpose for technology, it’s our people who find the right problems that must be solved, and then the right technology solutions to solve these.

At Infosys, people make all the difference. You make the difference.

How can I, one person, initiate positive change on a global scale? Now that’s a fair question to ask. And one we’ve given considerable thought to ourselves. It’s why we teach all of our people – from day 0 – to think about the world from a radically different perspective. It all starts with three simple words; see, set, go. Three words that will empower you to create your own success story. Three words that can amplify you to be all that you can be.

SEE the best version of tomorrow where everyone emerges a winner.EXPERIENCE WHAT’S NEXT.

At Infosys, you will always be an early adopter, always in the know. Helping businesses navigate their next means being an expert on the future. So we equip you with everything you need to envision the best version of tomorrow – a tomorrow from which everyone emerges a winner. Working with Infosys means working directly with the most exciting technologies of our time. Not only does that give you creative freedom to experiment and revolutionize use cases, it brings you that ability to sense and experience what’s next.

SET the agenda to drive the change you want to see. MAKE POSITIVE CHANGE REAL.

What kind of world do you want to live in? At Infosys, you are empowered to make it a reality. The people who work here don’t just change businesses – they change lives, setting the agendas for digital projects that reverberate around the world. The world’s largest companies – and the billions of people they interact with worldwide – are counting on you to navigate their future. Joining Infosys means joining a global community of influential agents for positive change.

GO beyond what you thought was possible. NEVER STOP GROWING.

Our world-leading development map and culture of continuous learning mean that you will always find yourself achieving more than what you previously thought possible. Through codethons and hackathons, apprenticeship opportunities with leaders, learning programs at our own corporate university at Mysuru, Stanford and Purdue, and training in advanced technologies from partners like Udacity – we help you build on what you already know and push you to be all that you can be – as a technologist, and as a human being.

SEE-SET-GO. That’s the foundation for every success in our company – it is the mantra that helps us make a difference. No matter where we stand in the corporate ladder – vice president or trainee engineer. Because at the end of the day each of us is a navigator for global businesses. Each of us has the platform to create a more inspiring future. In so doing we also navigate our own nexts. Because Infosys empowers us all to learn how to anticipate the future, learn how to set the agenda, and learn how to never stop growing – which of course is a great way to be valued and to be relevant lifelong.

You can SEE what’s next for the biggest businesses in business

You start off with more than a 1000 opportunities. Our over 1,000 clients – some of the most respected names from the world of business – that you can partner with strategically to help co-create their digital future. And if you want more...

You can SET the agenda to make a difference by being exactly who you are

We welcome more than simply STEM graduates. We need talent that can work with empathy for the problems big businesses and their customers face. For example, we need experience designers to ensure the applications and user journeys we create are purposeful. We need storytellers to share the value of our work with our clients so they can benefit from it too. We need cybersecurity experts. We need you for exactly the combination of aspirations and skills that you bring to our Infosys community of influential agents for positive change.

You can GO as far as your ideas take you – not just your title

And we assure you, your journey at Infosys will be as good as the ideas you bring to life. And it won’t have to wait till you are a title holder. You start your journey to making a difference as early as you are inspired.

We are navigating businesses, the world over, towards a largely uncharted digital future. Working with us would mean – learning to think and act like an entrepreneur; finding and fixing problems, training at the Infosys Global Education Center - one of the world’s largest corporate universities, finding new inspiration from diverse yet like-minded colleagues and moving our world a little forward each day and in your own way.

Join us to help businesses get from where they are, to where they aspire to be. 

For them, digital transformation is hard. Not for want of ambition. Or appreciation of opportunities. Or for the lack of access to technology. They are simply unable to steer through the complexities of transformation. In today’s complicated, fast-paced and hyper-connected world, it can be difficult to imagine how today’s actions will shape tomorrow’s future – difficult to focus on what’s actually important, rather than what is urgent. It’s hard to find the time, it’s hard to know where to begin, and it’s hard to do it alone. That’s why they come to us. To ask us to bring to them the digital services and solutions that help them find the right opportunities to go after and to help them take advantage of it all.

Our own experience tells us that a great way to reach out to the future is from a place of deep understanding of the systems and workings of enterprises as it is today. That’s why your experience in traditional technology services is valuable. It is with this experience that we can draw a path of execution uniquely suited to each business and steer them step-by-step towards their future.

And we know that the future is not a destination, but an infinite journey. For us, it’s not about heralding the ‘next big thing’. It’s about heralding everything that's next. It’s not the destination, but the journey itself. It’s no longer the next big thing, it's simply everything that's next.

When we speak of making a difference, for us it means investing our energies to make an impact beyond business. We actively work in the communities that we do business in and extend our CSR activities beyond philanthropy to encompass holistic community development programs. For example, we work through the Infosys Foundation with the underprivileged in India and through the Infosys Science Foundation to recognize outstanding researchers.

The overriding reason why it’s awesome working with Infosys is knowing you can actually use your passion for technology to help people adapt to and thrive within our increasingly digital future. It’s quite a feeling, getting past the familiar comfort of best practices, at work and beyond, and seeking out the adventures that come when you blaze a new trail. Here is where you can be that navigator. Where you can be the finder and pointer of the way – today and in the times to come.

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    Anonieme werknemer in Brussel
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    Ik heb via rekrutering gesolliciteerd. De procedure duurde 3 weken. Ik heb gesolliciteerd bij Infosys (Brussel) in maart 2013.


    Via headhunter in Londen benaderd. Daarna telefonisch contact met manager en vervolgens face to face gesprek in Brussel. Na dit gesprek een presentatie over de telecom markt gemaakt en gegeven.

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Infosys Awards en onderscheidingen

  • Hottest Government Contractor, Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC), 2014
  • One of the Top 6 Employers in Australia, Randstad, 2019
  • One of the Top 3 Employers in Europe and Middle East, Top Employers Institute, 2019
  • One of America’s Best Employers for Graduates, Forbes’ Best Employers for New Grads, 2018
  • Top Employer in Europe, Top Employer Institute, 2018
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