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Overzicht THE THIRD FLOOR Visualization

Los Angeles, CA (Verenigde Staten)
201 tot 500 werknemers
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Chris Edwards
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  • "I'm at home here"

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    Huidige werknemer - PreVis in Los Angeles, CA (Verenigde Staten)
    Huidige werknemer - PreVis in Los Angeles, CA (Verenigde Staten)
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    Ik heb een voltijdbaan bij THE THIRD FLOOR Visualization (Korter dan een jaar)


    Snack bar = fully stocked
    kegerator = yes!
    Friendly environment = Yup, chill
    Unlimited supply of Keurig coffee = sweet!
    Cereal bar = Nice!
    Random sandwiches appear in the break room = Awesome!
    Friday lunch = More random cuisine catered from local vendors (plus beer on tap is open), how awesome is that?!?
    Working on awesome cinematic animations and assets = Awesome x 10k
    Watching my creative supervisor create and pitch a 2 page storyboard in 10 min. flat = Priceless!


    I've been trying to think of a con, and I have to dig deep. Like,... we all got into this business knowing that getting to work on something this awesome is really hard to get a foot in the door. But, even after getting a foot in the door to awesomeness people want to complain. I have no qualms with the methods in which provide me the opportunity to do "awesome work" on a daily basis. Is it volatile? Kind of. Given budget constraints I feel like its a reasonable way to give a Junior an opportunity to prove themselves, with short term contracts. I have lots of hope for my value in this company and having short term contracts is a thing of the movie industry. You just have to make it work. Fight through that startup phase, make yourself an integral part of the team, prove yourself, be confident in your abilities and prove your value. Is it kind of scary, YES! But, is it doable? Yes. I'm doing it. I'm scared as HELL! But, I'll tell you what,... you gotta feel the fear and do it anyways! There is plenty of work to go around, just get in here and sit next to some of these awesome people, and you will be amazed. Simply amazed.
    Are they going to challenge you? Yup, I love a good challenge, and when I fail, take the critique like a man and do better. Then, you will have built the trust that is necessary for them to give you another challenge. So, why am I saying all of this? It's a kind of stress in the sense that you're constantly wondering about how good did I do, leaving one feeling conscientious of their abilities. If I can quote a movie, "this aint the western sizzlin,..." this is the movie industry. Getting an opportunity to work on great cinematic animations IS, just that awesome. Is it easy to do? NO!! If you want easy, get out now. But is it worth it?!? YES! Just do it! Take that leap, and never look back!

    Advies aan management

    Keep giving opportunities to Juniors, there are a lot of us out there, just chomping at the bit waiting for an opportunity to do great work. If short term contracts is the way to success then, just "Keep Calm and Contract On" - Thanks TTF!

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Foto's voor THE THIRD FLOOR Visualization

THE THIRD FLOOR Visualization-foto van: Flash back Friday to some of our Founders celebrating TTF's 10 yr anniversary a couple years back. Here's to another 10!
THE THIRD FLOOR Visualization-foto van: Executive Producer Duncan speaking on The Third Floor at FMX 2015
THE THIRD FLOOR Visualization-foto van: Fellow TTf'ers marveling at Patrick's work!
THE THIRD FLOOR Visualization-foto van: Easter Egg Hunt 2017- Deadpool script prize!
THE THIRD FLOOR Visualization-foto van: The HR team was representing! =)
THE THIRD FLOOR Visualization-foto van: Christina's super awesome 3D printing and bringing her work to the physical realm!
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THE THIRD FLOOR Visualization Awards en onderscheidingen

  • 2017 Certified Great Place to Work, Great Place to Work Institute, 2017
  • Emmy Award: Outstanding Special Visual Effects, The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, 2016
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