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Londen, Engeland (Verenigd Koninkrijk)
1 tot 50 werknemers
$ 5 - $ 10 miljoen (USD) per jaar
McKinsey & Company, CEB, Accenture

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Roger Philby
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    "Great when it stays focused."

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    Huidige werknemer - Anonieme werknemer in Londen, Engeland (Verenigd Koninkrijk)
    Huidige werknemer - Anonieme werknemer in Londen, Engeland (Verenigd Koninkrijk)
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    A powerful and distinct set of values.

    I’ve read the word cult in a number of previous reviews. A cult implies that no independent thought is encouraged or even allowed. That’s definitely not true. It is true that it is a passionate and emotional place that has really distinct values and a very powerful vision about people at work.

    Amazing client relationships.

    Clients love what Chemistry does and how its people go about delivering. Because of how it feels to work with Chemistry and how it engages stakeholders, you get to have really personal, fulfilling relationships with senior people at amazing organisations.

    The ability to explain and bring science to the top table of business strategy and decision making.

    Some recent posts imply that Chemistry’s science isn’t robust. That’s not true. What is true is that Chemistry doesn’t obsess about the science first - it obsesses about client problems, and explains how business psychology can be applied to solve those problems.


    It’s a maturing business.

    In the recent past, it was missing solid experience in business management. It still carries the legacy of that in that some things could be simplified and done with less effort, and last year it made some naive and very painful mistakes trying to reach too far too fast. Which is why I think you’re reading some negative posts recently. But the business is now intently focused on its current mission and has taken on some serious investors and executives who are operating very effectively as checks and balances to the enthusiasm of the CEO and founder.

    Advies aan management

    Keep the renewed focus going.

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  • Employer of the Year, European Business Awards, 2013

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