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501 tot 1000 werknemers
$ 100 - $ 500 miljoen (USD) per jaar
delaware is a great place to work; just ask one of our 1,700 delawarians who enjoy work each and every day. We have Belgian roots but expanded our activities to 13 countries and 26 offices in the world.

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delaware – Waarom bij ons werken?

delaware is a fast-growing, global company that delivers advanced solutions and services to organizations striving for a sustainable, competitive advantage.

We guide our customers through their business transformation, applying the ecosystems of our main business partners, SAP and Microsoft. We continue to service our customers afterward, assuring continuity and continuous improvement.

In all perspectives, we apply our own sustainable business model that aims for the long-term. Our future leaders are already among us. They are driving our clients’ success, shaping them to stand out today and preparing them for tomorrow. delaware has over 1500 professionals in 26 offices around the world.

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667% rise in employees since 2003

delaware is in continual expansion. Do you have a specific hobby or musical interest? There's surely someone among our +800 Belgian #peopleofdelaware to connect with. Our events, internal social media and lunch rooms will ensure that you never miss a chance to socialise.

88 awards & certificates

When you join our team, you get to work in an award-winning and certified organization where quality is a given. You'll learn from the best, and get all the chances to take your career forward.

x4.7 revenue increase (since 2006)

We're growing rapidly. Very rapidly... In 2015, our revenue was almost 5 times bigger than in 2006. That means we're doubling in size every 3.8 years. Imagine what this could mean for your career.

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360 degrees of sunlight in our offices

Our 4 open-space offices in Kortrijk, Ghent, Wavre and Antwerp offer all the rooms & amenities to make you work as smoothly as possible. 360 degrees of sunlight (or the occasional rainy cloud) included.

52 croissant deliveries

Besides fruit, we also serve croissants and other breakfast sweets every Monday. Dig in!

507 quality office chairs

Quality is a given in our projects, but also in our furniture. Design furniture is omnipresent in our offices and your back will love our quality office chairs.

26319 hours of training in 2015

At delaware, you'll not only learn from your experienced co-workers. Our world-class training program offers trainings in a wide variety of topics that will help your career move forward.

408 consumed bananas per week

2 times a week, our 4 offices receive a fresh load of fruit. Every Monday, fresh croissants kick-start your week. So dig in!

Grey is the most popular car color

Don't worry, our company cars also come in black, blue, silver and white. We will only have to disappoint you if you want Barbie pink!

162 personal counselors

At delaware, we want you to take control of your career. Every employee gets appointed a personal counselor to set goals with, discuss progress and take their career forward.

3 minutes. That was delaware's fastest successful application

A good relationship is built on a rational two-way evaluation, but sometimes you have to give in to love at first sight.

1446 reviewed applications (in 2015)

Every work day, we get about 6 genuine applications that are all analyzed and reviewed thoroughly. Will we discuss your CV tomorrow?

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Goedkeuring directeur
delaware Managing Partner Patrick Andersen
Patrick Andersen
12 beoordelingen
  • "#people of delaware"

    Huidige werknemer - receptie en facility in Kortrijk
    Huidige werknemer - receptie en facility in Kortrijk
    Positief vooruitzicht
    Waardeert Directeur

    Ik heb een voltijdbaan bij delaware (Langer dan een jaar)


    Een heel open sfeer met aandacht voor de mens achter de werknemer, geen doorgedreven hierarchie, iedereen wordt met de voornaam aangesproken en is ook aanspreekbaar, iedereen helpt iedereen, samen is een werkwoord.


    Doordat we met een grote groep zijn, is het iets moeilijker om de voornaam van iedereen te kennen ;)

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    Geaccepteerd aanbod
    Positieve ervaring
    Eenvoudig sollicitatiegesprek


    Ik heb online gesolliciteerd. De procedure duurde 6 weken. Ik heb gesolliciteerd bij delaware.


    Eerst een telefonisch gesprek. Daarna op gesprek bij HR.
    Indien een positief gesprek mag je langs bij de team lead van het team waar men u zou plaatsen.
    Ten slotte terug bij HR voor een proposal.


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delaware Awards en onderscheidingen

  • SAP S/4HANA Partner of the Year for Cloud, SAP® Pinnacle Award, 2017
  • Microsoft 2015 Belgium Partner of the Year, Microsoft Country Partner, 2015

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