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Bijgewerkt op 1 okt. 2023

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3.973 van meer dan 4K reviews gevonden
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NTT Ltd. CEO Abhijit Dubey
79% Waardeert directeur

3.565 van meer dan 4K reviews gevonden

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Waardeert directeur
NTT Ltd. CEO Abhijit Dubey
Abhijit Dubey
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    1. 1,0
      22 sep. 2023
      Senior Associate .NET Engineer
      Voormalige werknemer, meer dan 1 jaar
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      Sponsored training only for favorite slave. Join this if you are a yes man even to the worst and most rotten of leadership, you will shine here.


      They will quiet fire you with 3% salary hike in IDR and more than doubled workload. Your workload is mostly seeking trivial technical clarity which can be answered by reading documentation that never existed or someone legacy (really what are legacies doing here? chilling at home?), and patching a sloppy mssql back end or anything equal to that. Incompetent person in leadership who is going to call you at 7pm for sprint planning. Also they won't have any idea what are you doing because .NET engineers are trivial here in their head, so if you ever have offer for this position just avoid unless you're desperate. Most arrogant director who is absent at FY and proudly showing a massive slide of him traveling with big text saying thank you in Japanese written in alphabet. I have to wait the financial person to cut a cake to get a clarification about tax, in place!? awkward so say, so awkward I never worked in a company with HR as inhospitable as this. Truest definition of iceberg of ignorance, instead of involved in hiring process, they have to enforce 2 years contract to make the candidate not premature-quit. Massive sized traditional Japanese company formed with countless time of merging. If you want to join a Japanese company, skip this, they're worthless company lead by D class local resource.

      1. 3,0
        1 okt. 2023
        Software Engineer
        Huidige werknemer, minder dan 1 jaar
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        My direct manager is generally quite polite and friendly, however there were periods he took multiple MCs and went on prolonged holidays, so quite unfortunate to not get his guidance.


        The opening briefing with HR on my first day was unpleasant; the lady randomly accused that I don't even know my role in the company when I said it's cybersecurity-related, she subsequently said "oh, then maybe it's a hybrid role" when I told her my manager explicitly told me that an hour ago. A senior software engineer I worked with in office also had fiery temper and shouts frequently.

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