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  1. "Great Place to work!"


    Ik werk bij AppNeta


    Nice, relaxed work atmosphere with a lot of social activities and perks.


    Didn't have any issues working here

  1. "Great team culture and energetic atmosphere!"

    Voormalige stagiair(e) - Marketing Intern in Boston, MA
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    Ik heb korter dan een jaar als bij AppNeta gewerkt


    AppNeta truly cares about their employees. They trust each other to do their work, and they value a healthy balance between work and life. As an intern, I grew as an individual, team member, and professional.


    I wished there were other interns that I could collaborate with.

  2. "Honestly, this place is a scam - stay away"

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    Voormalige werknemer - Sales in Boston, MA
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    Ik heb voltijdgewerkt bij AppNeta voor meer dan 3 jaar


    If you are just starting a new job out of college and want some kind of experience in the tech industry, they have a decent training. Or at least they used to, not sure what they have now as the entire company turns over every couple of months with the exception of 3 people who have been on the sales floor since the beginning (and hold all of the profitable accounts in their name).


    Horrible place to work if you intend to have a career. From a business stand point, they have gone through multiple VCs who have all dumped them. They do not have the management to keep solvent beyond whatever scraps they get from various VCs. From the tech side, they are now considered irrelevant.

    Advies aan management

    Get rid of the high paid sales "executives" who have only managed to seem profitable to you based on a one or two off sale they got years ago and continue to hoard. I would suggest you look into serious, experienced, leaders. At this point, you may need consultants to rip and replace everything if you intend to exist 12 months from now.


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