1. "Inspirerende werkomgeving met een fantastisch team."

    • Cultuur en waarden
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    Ik werk deeltijd bij Yools


    Innoverende bedrijfscultuur die persoonlijke groei stimuleert. Intrinsieke motivatie om klanten écht te helpen bij het hele team.


    Geen; alles is bespreekbaar zodat minpunten snel op tafel komen en opgelost worden.

  1. "yes"

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    • Senior management
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    Ik werk bij Yools


    pay is great above market


    management need to be clear

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  2. "A fantastic company with a clear higher purpose"

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    Positief vooruitzicht

    Ik werk voltijd bij Yools voor 3 jaar


    Yools is clearly a company with a purpose. Yools wants to change the world and make it better a better place. Today, it does so by creating an online presence for business owners in Belgium, in a very efficient and fair process. The focus lays on helping the client, rather than simply delivering a product and cashing in. The way Yools works is different from the classic, hierarchy based pyramid of companies today. It focusses on self-organization and self-management, allowing the team to take decisions and act on them, without the 'go' from a manager in an ivory tower. You'll end up in a refreshing environment where you get to know yourself and were you are able to develop yourself and your skills with the help of extremely capable and friendly colleagues.


    If you're merely looking for a '9 to 5' job without being highly engaged in a company, or you wish to 'climb the ladder', this is not the place for you.

    Reactie van Yools


    Thank you for your review! The idea is indeed to create a place where people can be engaged without overdoing it, offering flexibility that is actually beneficial to team members.

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