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why do you wnat to work for the European institutions?

The interviews are now done at the accessment centre and are structured (run more professionaly). When I did my competition many years ago, the interviews were different...everyone from the Jury (which is always composed of staff representatives and officials) was able to ask questions were EU millenium goals, and some articles (I think linked to trade policy) from the EU Treaty

Pro and Cons of SICAVs (Funds) Other banks offering same services

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related to previous experiences in my field; usual questions

Nothing too detailed, just show good knowledge of your field and make sure you're aware of the EU's general policy vis-à-vis certain sectors, industries, challenges, etc.

- Kenntnisse neuer EU-Vorhaben, Gesetze, Entscheidungsprozesse

Heb je ervaring met een bepaalde technologie?

They presented me with a number of hypothetical problems and how would I respond to each of them. They also asked me to describe three developmental areas of my personality without mentioning perfectionist or impatient.

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