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Hyundai Capital America
Er werd een Marketing Analytics Manager gevraagd...13 november 2015

what is logistic regression? How to perform variable selection

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See answers for Capital One statistician questions

A Measurement of Variables

Logistic regression is a predictive analysis. To explain the relationship between the one dependent variable with another independent variable. Minder

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Describe your previous experience that you feel is relevant to this role.

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I am very interested in your company

I am jobless and needed a job

You have shown me love like no other


Are you interested in doing sales?

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They asked the EXACT same question to me: Are you keen in doing sales? I think this is a scam company as well. I applied for a totally different role. Minder


How do you handle difficult people? How do you handle difficult situations between employees? How do you handle conflicts? What are your weakest areas? NEVER ONCE did the interviewer talk about any positive things you could add.

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My response is that I handle such conflicts on a face to face basis. The interviewer seemed to greatly frown upon any sort of face to face interaction. My conclusion is that the interviewer and the company she represents have a great deal of workplace conflicts going on. NOT a healthy environment. And looking at some of their business metrics, this company has been on its way down for a few years with no one really doing much about it. Minder

Thank you for sharing. From your willingness to provide insight on your interview experience it enables Futuredontics the opportunity to continue to strive for excellence and improve its processes to ensure a stellar candidate experience. We take pride in offering a balanced interview process that incorporates a variety of topic questions including but not limited to candidate industry knowledge, ideal culture, behavioral based questions and conflict resolution. We hope you will visit our career web page in the future as we continue to grow into 2017! Minder


What was your favortie subject you studied in High School and who was the teacher?

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Trig, Mr. Boyd.

This was an intriguing question due to the fact that it made me think of my roots and how I became the person I am today. The knowledge and guidance I obtained at a young age propelled me to think the way I do today. Minder


eBay reduces the commission from sellers. The Average Selling Price goes up. Why?

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I guess because sellers can spend more time. Let's consider reducing commission in an auction - if a customer is supposed to pay $1 for 7 days instead of $2 for 7 days, she is more likely to spend more time i.e. 14days instead of just 7 days. And because she has more time available for auction, she would set minimum price to a higher value than before. Minder

Commission for sellers means that the seller are more will to give discount to the buyers. Increase in ASP could be because people buy more expensive products because of the discount. Minder

Jones Lang LaSalle

How much experience you possess in analytics

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5 year's

Don't have experience in analytics


General analytics capability questions - varies

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Describe past projects relating to role.

I am a fresher.

Opera Solutions

Why do most clients use Logistic Regression and not Decision Tree and Neural Network

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LR is hugely adopted in the industry, I dont know so much about NN so does the clients.I have used DT in conjunction with LR as DT is a good classification tool. I find LR to be good for scoring Minder

Tata AIA Life

Explain your past projects

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My project in my last company is Stock Audit which is pending from last 5 year, it consist of 4 modules Original Stock, Defective Stock, Value of both stock, Stock management system. The main aim of project is 1. To increase the Sales and Services timely 2.To reduce wastage of the stock material 3. Actual Stock data provide to Company and Store In charge. i worked in physical audit process where i found defective product and repetitive product which is unnecessary consume a space in godown. and i found the defective product and repetitive product having good amount for the company. in this project i have face the problem with small space for physical audit, manpower, audit with running business and time. Minder

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