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Edley’s Bar-B-Que
Er werd een Food Prep/Expo/Catering Services gevraagd...18 maart 2016

Are you committed to working in a fast paced, team focused environment?

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I have no problem working in a fast-paced I've been doing it half of all my life


Gritty McDuff's

Previous experience, but as it was my first job I had little to offer.

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Gave examples of my work ethic in every day life, brief mentions of community service scattered here and there Minder

Red Hot & Blue Restaurants

How long did you work as a Busser?

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I worked one year.

Johnny Rockets

Are you comfortable coming in when needed on your days off or covering for sick employees?

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Yes, im always available.

Gott’s Roadside


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I have little experience but I work hard

Menin Hospitality

About my work experience

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I told them all the experience I’ve had with food handling.

Buffalo Wild Wings

Name a time you made a friend happy or excited

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Answer this question personally, and be honest.

Brewsters Brewing Company and Restaurant

why i wanted to work there

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i used to go here when i was a kid

Corner Bakery Cafe

What kind of customers do you think would come to a restaurant like corner bakery?

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People who are looking to not spend to much money, but want good food.

Yard House

Oh, you have a BFA?

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no, I quit early

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