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Er werd een Brand Design and Experience Designer gevraagd...16 januari 2019

What where your challenges for "???" project? Event?

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How I overcame the challenge, what processes and forms of efficiency did I take to make my challenge into a success. Minder


Do I have a serving it right card

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What do you like about pretty little thing

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The inclusivity and affordability of clothing for all shapes and sizes


Experience, What can you bring to the company? How do you work effectively and efficiently.

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With my resume.


They asked me what stream of design do I prefer more.

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I initially wanted to work in UX Design, but on further assessment, understood that I was better suited as a Brand Designer. I was still given the opportunity to delve into Interface design simultaneously. This formed the base of the interview and helped me understand how BluOne is a progressive place where I can decide to work on multiple things, and not be restricted by my job profile. Minder


How many things do you see wrong with this display (then showed a picture).

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Unless you've worked for the gap (or in apparel) that was a bit hard to answer. Every store has different standards. Minder


Are you committed to staying in retail.

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Preeminent Solutions

What are three things that draw you to this company? What are are three challenges that you think you will have working here?

VIBRANT Marketing

What experience do you have working with budgets?


How did you deal with stakeholders in the project?

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