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National TeleConsultants
Er werd een Broadcast Design Engineer gevraagd...16 oktober 2019

Experience, why interest in NTC

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Interest in a greater variety of projects.

Al Jazeera

what is your expectations for your salary ?

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6000 USD or 18000 QAR

Cheddar (NY)

How comfortable are you with talking to people?

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Very Comfortable, I love talking, and interacting with people.

Al Jazeera

who was your previous employer ?

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Am Broadcast Engineer Supervisor at al Yasariya TV in Beirut,Lebanon and at Addounia TV in Damascus,Syria Minder

BOL Network

They asked my why I was leaving my last employer and what was wrong there.

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I told him it was a wonderful place to work but as it was a small company,there wasn't much room for growth. Minder


What are the values of the BBC from your perspective?

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I believe trust is the most important value for BBC. Other values such independency, impartiality and honesty are all related to trust. As a personal experience, I was fixer for BBC Arabic in Brazil during the World Cup 2014, for former BBC journalist Sherif el Sherif. BBC Arabic was massive, broadcasting for more than 20 arabic speaking countries. When a channel does a job like this, it comes to another level of trust, the one committed to the democratic values. So, beyond trust, impartiality, independency and honest, I also see BBC committed to democracy. Minder


Why do you want this job?

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based on my combined experience in 2 different files , this job is the perfect marriage for my skills. The perfect job! (I did feel that this job was just perfect and they knew i was excited by that) Minder


Why you really want to work here

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Because it's a great opportunity


where do you see yourself in five years?

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is there a right answer to this ?

Wright State University

Are you involved with any community services groups or other organizations.

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