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Business Analyst sollicitatievragen


Sollicitatievragen voor Business analyst gedeeld door sollicitanten

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Nothing way too difficult just know something about the job you applying to.

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Be ready for behavioral questions and be able to track them to your CV.

why finance

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Describe me a situation where you faced challenging goals, differing opinions, etc and you had to take risks in order to get people on board and achieve the objective.

Pourquoi choisir la consultance ?

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Racontez-nous votre parcours et pouquoi vous avez quitté les différentes entreprises

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What do you think would make you a good manager?

What did you see in the newspaper about Exxon last month? Explain a difficult situation you went through (be specific). Why did you choose to study commercial engineering?

give 10 reasons to measure the height of a building

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