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Er werd een Business Office Manager gevraagd...20 december 2019

No difficult questions at all

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It lasted 10 min. The interviewer however (I don't want to name him) couldn't and wouldn't answer any of my questions. Minder

The Learning Center

What I would do to discharge a patient

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I would gather all pertinent information regarding the patients stay including all charges and any other information. Minder

Chevron Partners

what is your experience in that position? Can you tell us about something you accomplished, and you are very proud of? How to you handle stress?

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easily and honestly. I had a lot of examples to provide, and they were very pleased with my answers. I think they were trying to test my social skills. Minder

Avista Senior Living

Do you have any experience with dementia

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Yes I have a Three years experience

Synchrony Health Services

I was asked about my prior billing experience.

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I discussed my background in medical and dental insurance and healthcare clinic billing Minder

Florida Career College

How long had I been with the company and in my position. When would I be available to start.

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I've been with the company since June 2006, and in my current position for 4yrs. I will be able to start immediately. Minder

Golden LivingCenters

The usual questionnaires.

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Best as my experience and knowledge allowso me.

ProMedica Senior Care

What is your salary expectations?

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Competitive pay based off education and experience.

Can you help me organize and manage my books?

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Sure I can, but I need an accounting program.

Blue Harbor Senior Living

Did I have experience working with families on accounts.

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I had experience working with individuals and physicians. I feel certain I can work with a family. Minder

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