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Wat kan Deloitte jou persoonlijk bieden?

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"Learning on the job"ervaring, extra begeleiding, gefocust op young graduates.

why you? Why Deloitte? Strenghts? Weaknesses? biggest succes? biggest failure? What motivates you? who are you? why Deloitte would hire you? are you flexible? What you know about IT strategy? why you fit in the position? tell me about your CV step by Step. what salary do you have?you said you have other offers, what makes you prefer Deloitte? what salary you expect?

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How do you prioritize your work?

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Why Accenture? What does Accenture offers that other Strategy Firms do not? - Case interviews about growing revenue in a tire company

What do you do when you're too tight on time? How do you deal with conflict within a team? Why did you choose to study that topic? Where did you travel?

Previous experience, and technical skills, it was quite detailed each time.

3 mini cases: - describe the business model of your former employer - why do coca cola cans have the (cylindrical) form they have nnow - basic calcuation of break even point (easy numbers, simple fixed cost, variable cost, volume, ...)

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