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Er werd een Consultant HR Strategy and Transformation gevraagd...29 september 2022

Wie haben Sie von Kienbaum erfahren? Erzählen Sie mir bitte ein bisschen über Sie. Ab wann wären Sie verfügbar? Wie sind Ihre Gehaltsvorstellungen.


Describe a time where you disagreed with leadership


Can you explain your background to me?


Forecast mercato healthcare in Italia, market sizing, ...


You are being asked to lead a presentation in front of 7 key stakeholders, it is not something you have done before. How do you respond?


Tell me what kind of design research you’ve done

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Walked them through selected blinded case studies - global research studies with multiple methodologies, including ethnographies and co-creation, etc. They asked what ethnographies were…. Minder


Why Deloitte, why consulting, what do you think about traveling, walk me through your resume case study was pretty typical


One of the case studies was an A/B testing problem

Sanoma Corporation

Tell me about yourself Why us? Relate the position to your background


Went through a couple case questions that were exact dilemmas the company was dealing with.

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