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Er werd een Cabin Crew gevraagd...12 mei 2016

why easyjet?

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That's what I asked in my email so I didn't sound annoying haha! Will do :) X

did you hear anything today?x

Not a thing X

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Singapore Airlines

Do you see the glass as half empty or half full? Elaborate.

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What’s your IG? I’ll pm from there 😉

Hi mind to pm who received the email for further interview? :)

hellooo, mind to pm for those that received email for further interview? let's get to know each other more haha :D Minder

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Norwegian Air Shuttle

How do you handle an unruly passenger?

9 antwoorden

I had training in Fort Lauderdale, FL. It was a total of 4 weeks, 9am to 5pm. Don't expect your training to be the same length since you are in Oslo. Training could be completely different. Minder

Thank you for your answer! ☺

How lucky gn do they take to get back to you after test

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The Emirates Group

Why do you want to work for Emirates?

9 antwoorden

To be more knowledgeable in a different environment and for exposure .

Reputable company and good benefits

It well organised ,I love the strategies and everything about this group. It will be a dream come true if I am giving the opportunity. Minder

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Air Arabia

Tell about urself It was the first step of ur presentation n u should impress ppl

8 antwoorden

Hi, Hello. My name is syed awaiz ahmed my nationality is india, hyderabad I have completed enter 1 year. I need job which is 7000 DHS. The resion is my father has taken the loan from bank in india that we are facing so many problems in this year so I need a job to support my family. So I kindly request you to give a job if permission granted very grandfull to you. Thanking you Minder

i am here in UAE last 4 and half year on visa of employ. we have five brothers my two big brothers is killed in bomb blast in pakistan (peshewar ) i belong to very poor family. i cant complete my education bcz of my big brothers ancident . i am third position holder in board of intermidate and secondary education kohat . now only me and my small brothers left to take care of my family . i want to stand up on my legs to improve my skills .tThanks 0522388760 Minder

Yaw Gyebi Agyapong is my Name, a Ghanaian with a family of 6 ( Dad, Mum, two sisters and two Boys) I have lived in UAE for the past 3 years now on an Employment Visa, a multi-talented young man, self confidence, Experienced In Hotel and Hospitality Management|F&B with a good knowledge in Beverages (Spirits, Alcoholic Beverages, Wines) Will be my Honor to humbly highlight on my personal skills and Abilities Highly creative and multitalented Customer Sales & Service Agent. A Bodybuilder, Fitness Gym Instructor, Individual Fitness personal trainer,Graphic Designer with extensive experience in multimedia, marketing and print design. Exceptional collaborative and interpersonal skills; dynamic team player with well-developed written and verbal communication abilities. Highly skilled in client and vendor relations and negotiations; talented at building and maintaining “win-win” partnerships. Passionate and inventive creator of innovative marketing strategies and campaigns; accustomed to performing in deadline-driven environments with an emphasis on working within budget requirements. Creative experience in the following: • Print • Brochures & Newsletters • Logos & Business Cards • Posters & Post Cards • Stationery • PHOTOGRAPHY • Black & White Photography • Lithography • Retouching • Photograph Restoration • WEB & Multimedia • Website Design • Video Editing • Video Photomontages • Social Media Minder

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Norwegian Air Shuttle

Why you want to become a flight attendant?

8 antwoorden

How was the interview?

it was great! They're really nice and friendly. I got the job offer!

Good I'm going tomorrow the 4th

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Qatar Airways

What do you do

8 antwoorden

I work as a waitress in ### resturant. As a cashier, I ensure that my customers feel welcomed, special and relaxed, and enjoy a seamless dinning experience. Minder

I am currently working as Sales assistant at Abans

I am a student

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Malaysia Airlines

why should we hire you as you are a fresher and without any experience?

9 antwoorden

i want to learn

I have no experience but if you hire me I will give my level best and learn new things very fast and I will not disappoint you with the performance. Minder

1) Thank you for the question. I’m a fresher but I have a Diploma in Marketing and halfway degree in Marketing. Although without any valuable working experience, in a humble speaking, I think with customer oriented based course will help me in this service industry. Minder

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Jet Airways

Introduce yourself? Why Aviation? Why should we choose you?

8 antwoorden

I want to be a part of avtion industries.being a part of it it will get me a chance to interact withe various kind of people belonging to different culture and religions . Secondly i want to explore my word in my sweet own way. Its my dream 😜f**k the interview go guys wake up do not afraid with interviewer you are a real Chap Minder

Because I have those qualities that you required this job my communication my height my weight my skin tone and my personality. Minder

I want to become a cabin crew,because i want to get job wich is white collars.. and wanna live luxurious life.. . I have all the qualities what is needed in it.. My height, my weight, my skin tone, and grooming, personality, or i can deal with passengers with affectively and influentialy through my communication skills... now i am getting training from Skylark Institute of travel... Minder

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The Emirates Group

Are you willing to move to dubai?

8 antwoorden



Yes exactly.. I strongly will to move there ..

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