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Saudi Arabian Airlines
Er werd een Cargo Agent gevraagd...25 december 2012

what is your great weakness?

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Hard work



Philippine Airport Ground Support Solutions

what is the most relevant experiencce during my OJT

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Make sure everything will done on time and safely securely all the pallet lagguage etc also make sure the ramp in clear from FOD Minder

I answered with sincerity and explain to the my most relevant experience


Tell us about a time you had to deal with a difficult situation.

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Answer using the STAR format.


Skills, listening ability. How did you wow someone in your previous job..etc.

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How did you wow someone in your previous position and outcome

British Airways

Mainly about security and health and safety.

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If you work in the airport or airlines it's easy. Also everyone know about health and safety . Minder

Delta Air Lines

Why do you want to work for Delta?

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I am a frequent flyer of Delta and love their customer service and I want it be part of serving Delta the way employees treat me as a customer . Minder

Delta Air Lines

Totally forgot the questions they asked. However you must answer in STAR format (Situation Task Action Result)

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I answered in STAR format


What hours/flexibility are you able to work?

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Some of the hours are kind of crazy, 2nd shift, 3rd shift because it's based off of the plane schedule. So you may get plane delays which would mean longer hours. Minder


How soon can i start?

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August, due to personal reasons

Worldwide Flight Services

What was my background

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Gave a brief description of my duties and accomplishments

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