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Er werd een Category Manager gevraagd...15 februari 2019

Would you like to be a racecar driver?

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Why Jet?

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To utilize my skills in a perfect place


Really good lessons to get into top tech companies:


HR person surprised me when asking if I had my presentation ready when she took me to the interview room. I asked her what she was talking about, and she said her email had advised me that I'd need to create and present an catman example to my interviewers, and that I was supposed to have hard copies for them. (I subsequently checked my emails, and confirmed that there was no mention of a presentation). After the interviews, she told me that she double checked her records, and that this position did not require a presentation.

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That sounds like a mind game.

I have heard that before.. lot of companies like to throw you a curve just to see how you will respond… Minder

My response to the HR person was that I'd not noticed anything in her email about a presentation, and that I could talk about anything they wanted based on my experience. I think the purpose of the question was to see how candidates respond under stress, and how easily they can rebound. The key is to not miss a beat or get flustered. Minder

Urban Company

Describe current profile, challenges faced and solutions offered for the same

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General interview with focus mostly on the understanding of the business


This is a similar type of question: At 10:00 AM train A left the station and an hour later train B left the same station on a parallel track. If train A traveled at a constant speed of 60 miles per hour and train B at 80 miles per hour, then at what time did train B pass train A?

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For sure I got it wrong! (I think they want to see how you behave under stress)

The answer will be 2:00 pm. 80 t = 60 ( t + 1) t - number of hours till B will catch the A train It will take the B train 3 hours to catch the A train. But because the train B started one hour later (11 am), the time will be 2 pm Minder

Victoria's Secret

I never really had any difficult questions unless but one I found hard was about labor laws, and how the breaks are given. For example "If I work 5 hours what is my break supposed to be?" no manager had any real calrification.

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In Michigan it is supposed to be a half an hour anything under 4 hours is 15 minutes. Minder

If someone works 5 hours it's a mandatory 30 min break

Campbell Soup Company

Pretty standard behavioral questions for the role. Most unexpected (and, in my opinion, most inappropriate) questions "What did your father do for a living?" followed by "and what about mom?"

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I was a little shocked at the irrelevancy of the question about my parents given my 20+ year work history. After that question, I decided I would not want to work for the organization or this team in any case, but politely completed the interview process. These interviewers could greatly benefit from a class in behavioral based interviewing, understanding appropriate interview questions, and allowing the candidate to finish the answers before interrupting. Minder

Given your 20+ work history, it's surprising you were asked this question. I've known this to be a typical question for someone with less experience. The reasoning I've always heard for asking this question is that it's surprising how many people actually don't know and understand what their parents work entails. Depending on how in detail you can discuss the profession, it is supposed to indicate how inquisitive you are. I've heard of a few I-Banks and consulting companies will ask, though its usually because they're looking to see if you were handed everything or if you actually had to work for what you wanted. (Though I would argue successful parents doesn't always equate to children who have never worked.) Minder

Conagra Brands

None were difficult or unexpected. Very standard questions were asking to gain a better insight into my experiences and personality.

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Was the drug test a hair or urine?

ConAgra does hair follicle tests.

West Marine

Do you smoke? (HR question)

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Not Allowed to ask that question...

US Foods

Asked a difficult math question and gave me time to work it out.

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What was the question?

Followed logical steps to work out the answer - they were looking more at the problem solving process than an actual correct answer. Minder

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