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Er werd een Call Center Sales Representative gevraagd...13 maart 2015

What is something that you can use to improve your job?

22 antwoorden

Yes, We should definitely keep a positive mindset. But My center is in Silver Spring MD, and training starts May 4th, I just wish theyd send the info further so I can put in my two weeks. But definitely keep me posted as I will do the same. Good luck! Minder

I don't know when the training date is, here in Newport News VA...... But good luck and I'll keep you posted Minder

Maybe because theyre still interviewing people. I have an interview wednesday for the call center sales in newport news. Minder

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Why do you want to work here?

21 antwoorden

Because it is A company That allows you to grow

because it is a company that allows you to grow

Because the company have economic scale.

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Wynn Resorts

What type of experience do you have?

6 antwoorden

I have customer service experience, customer support management skills, cleaning skills, Minder

Customer service

I have experience, as houskeeping,butler, waiter, bartender and bar waiter

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Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

how can you handle an angry customer

7 antwoorden

By being patient and let him explains his problem and try to solve it as soon as I make sure and it will not be repeated in the future Minder

I think both are right, and a combination of them would be the best way to handle an angry customer. Note i did not understand the question requirements at first until i made the wrong choice for both of them. Minder

Both of opposition is correct

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What was the hardest task you ever had to do within a certain timeframe?

6 antwoorden

The last house I built. I finally agreed with my client to do the work by the hour. I told him he would be better off with bid pricing, but he is a retired mathematician and had his own reasoning for his request. Well. Every Friday, when I met up with him to turn in my time and get paid, he always had a different numbers than I did. His were less, of course. I told my guys and contractors that we needed to get in and get out of this job before this guy hit picks us to death over a few dollars every week. Wow. That was the last house I built. Over 6 years ago. I wish I had a better experience than that one to be the last time. Minder

I was manager on Arco ampm gas station ... I am on work ... My co-workers with me ... I had 10 customer inside store and 20 customer outside filling a gas ... Suddenly all pump is shut down .. I notice my pos register is not working ... I try my best I stop all customers and I request to them please wait ... I understand they waiting ... I trying my best I fix all pumps and POS register ... After 10 minutes I fix all pumps and register too but my debit pin pad is no working ... I request to my all customers who want pay by Debit or credit please use atm get money and buy please they understand they buy what they want Minder

I tried rooftop slushie mentioned above and it was pretty helpful. I recommend it. Minder

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Some maths questions and Situation based questions with Client, as to check how would you be able to deal with some situations when handling a team.

4 antwoorden

Try to convince them , and tell the benefits and advantages, of working together. They need to provide a customer comes first policy, and to the develop of the company. Minder

Dealing with different kinds of people is a top priority and a very challenging factor to enhance my self confidence. Minder

you need to have a costumer service, you need to serve the costumer efficiently to their needs. Minder

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Which command can test the connectivity of the host?

4 antwoorden

ping or netstat


ipconfig can be used to check the connection type and what kind of address your getting. Minder

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Duke Health

How well you get alone with others. Huh, I was a social worker for 7 years, a Practice Manager for 15 years and have been in departments when I had to supervise up to 30 people. Really that's the type of questions you ask me.

4 antwoorden

Yes these people are over kill and their pay system is week for such a large system. Do your research with them because you will jump through hoops without the pay. Minder

LMAO, these people passed up a Practice Manager with 20 years of experience and the person they hired lasted 2 months on the job. Wow, told you these people are overkill and just don't get it. I am so happy they passed me over because I got a job at John Hopkins in Florida. Minder

As a social worker with 7 years of experience and a Practice Manager with 15 years of experience I get alone well with others. Minder

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Tell about your self why the company should hire you Tell what you are after 5 years

3 antwoorden

you should hire me... first because, i'm interested to work... i will give my best to work it well.......................i saw my self five year from now... that i earned a lot of moneys..i have a new house and lot,,, and managing my own business.... Minder

you should hire me... bcuz iwant have more knowledges and improve my ability.. Minder

This company must hire me because there are a lot of things that must be proven about the job, and for that, i can be a productive and a very competitive employee and i welcome the opportunity to develop my skills and ability. Minder

Ally Financial

What is the first thing that you do when a customer is enraged on a call?

4 antwoorden

I would listen and try resolve the problem the best way I can.

Empathize, take control, assure them that I'm the best person to handle their issue Minder


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