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MaximTrak Technologies
Er werd een Chief Creative gevraagd...8 december 2015

They asked me several "what if" questions. Personally integrity and work ethics were very important to them, so many discussions had to do with how I would serve them and meet their needs as an extension of their culture. Because the technical aspects of my work were specific to my job, they were more interested in my ability to balance it all and grow as the company grew.

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Honesly speaking, I am on the extreme end of creativity. Corporate creativity has boundaries that it took time to figure out how to balance with the aesthetics and mindset I typically offer. But I walked away from the interviewing knowing they wanted to build team that was not just a bunch of copies of themselves, but a variety of talent with a common vision and capability to do excellent work. I was, and continue to be, excited that they want some thing better than average from me. They want "special" and that is how I want to build my career. Finally, they asked me personal questions about who I was...the kind of questions that made me consider that this job is beyond just filling a quick need, but rather discovering what this industry can be. Minder

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The questions were expected given the job description.

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