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Massage Envy
Er werd een Junior Assistant Clinic Administrator gevraagd...11 september 2013

What church do you attend?

2 antwoorden

Told her the name of the church.

That’s an illegal question to ask. The person who performed the interview and the clinic should have been reported. Minder

Tell me about yourself

1 antwoorden

Answered with my educational background, personality and work ethic.

What is your approach to business operations?

1 antwoorden

I answered what makes a good manager and told a story about what I do to manager my practice managers. Minder

JWCH Institute

What do you bring to the table that other candidates don't?

1 antwoorden

I highlighted my strengths such as personality style and excelling of performance measures with previous projects. Minder


About my management experience in the civilian and military worlds.

1 antwoorden

Explained everything from the fire department and pre-hospital leadership to my military time. I have twenty years in so many medical environments there was plenty to tell him but he honestly seemed so desperate to get someone into the role that he didn't really listen to my answers. Minder

Kelsey-Seybold Clinic

what is your most challenging job duty in healthcare management?

1 antwoorden

keeping up with governmental and legislative changes


Why do you want to work for Swedish?

1 antwoorden

After this interview experience I do not want to work for Swedish!

Massage Envy

Why do you think you will be good at this job?

1 antwoorden

Because i am passionate about helping people.

How do you demonstrate flexibility and adaptability in an ever-changing environment?

1 antwoorden

I described how I work under pressure, respond to emergency situations and work under tight deadlines. Minder

UnityPoint Health

Why I applied for the position?

1 antwoorden

Want to explore more options in the healthcare field.

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