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Wellmont Health System
Er werd een Clinical Applications Analyst II gevraagd...11 september 2011

What is one of your weaknesses?

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I didn't get any unexpected questions that I remember.

Miltenyi Biotec

Ask me a question about T cells.

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Why is it preferred to make CART from Tcm?

Meril Life Sciences

How to check Electrolyte analyzer's performance In absence of QC?

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I told we can check sodium and chloride with saline.


Years of EMR experience.

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20 plus

GE Healthcare

What led you from the clinical position to the IT side of the job?

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How comfortable would you feel presenting in front of a team?

Trinity Health

General questions, They will talk with you and judge your personality. Be careful.

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Decent, Just be who you are. No need to impress them.

Trinity Solar

Tell me a little about yourself?

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I’m a recent graduate who is looking to gain some more experience in the working field Minder

Thomas Jefferson University and Hospitals

Directly asked how much money I make.

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Declined to answer.

Varian Medical Systems

Can you provide a description of your strengths?

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The ability to adapt to changing environments as well as work as a team. Also learning technology. Minder


How can you support and inspirer the Sales Team.

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By teaching them the significance of the equipment they are using and how it is making the patients life better. Minder

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