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Wellmont Health System
Er werd een Clinical Applications Analyst II gevraagd...11 september 2011

What is one of your weaknesses?

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I didn't get any unexpected questions that I remember.

Meril Life Sciences

How to check Electrolyte analyzer's performance In absence of QC?

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I told we can check sodium and chloride with saline.


Years of EMR experience.

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20 plus

GE Healthcare

What led you from the clinical position to the IT side of the job?

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How comfortable would you feel presenting in front of a team?

Trinity Solar

Tell me a little about yourself?

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I’m a recent graduate who is looking to gain some more experience in the working field Minder

Trinity Health

General questions, They will talk with you and judge your personality. Be careful.

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Decent, Just be who you are. No need to impress them.

Miltenyi Biotec

Ask me a question about T cells.

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Why is it preferred to make CART from Tcm?

Thomas Jefferson University and Hospitals

Directly asked how much money I make.

1 antwoorden

Declined to answer.


How can you support and inspirer the Sales Team.

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By teaching them the significance of the equipment they are using and how it is making the patients life better. Minder

GE Healthcare

Hiring manager asks, "name our equipment and how you found this information specifically".

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I don't know...because its a stupid question.

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