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Citicorp North America
Er werd een Collections Representative gevraagd...6 april 2018

What made you apply at Citibank

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I can do the work and deliver exceptional results I will fit in beautifully and be a great addition to the team You possess a combination of skills and experience that makes me stand out from the crowd Hiring me will makes me look smart and make my life easier Minder

I think my carrer will be improved alot with citi

Did he at least let u know u will hear from HR in 5-7 days ?? I just had a interview there Monday but I had a lady Minder

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Her response was this exactly: So you think that you can just come in here and work hard and then bam your just going to become management. What makes you think that the 3000 other employees that work here don't have the same goals and they have been here 4-5 years.

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So I guess its safe to say it's unrealistic to promote in a year or two with this company. Unless you are as amazing as this supervisor who was able to come in as a sup. I would have laughed in her face that has to be the most unprofessional representation of this company. Minder

Who wants to work for a company that laughs at you for wanting to be successful? Like building a career is a joke. Minder

wow you should report here that is outrageous

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HUB Parking Technology

I was asked if I had any problem working for a woman controller who likes to micromanage a department the way she sees fit?

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I heard the last credit and collection manager that was there had a heart attack from dealing with that controller that's there he told me they got rid of him because he refused to learn some sort of stupid reports but he did a damn good job I heard the company is on the verge of being bought out. Do not go there Minder

I heard that the previous Credit & Collections Manager now claims their position was as an Intern to lighten the blow to their disaster of a resume. I also heard that person likes to pretend they are more than one person and comment on Glassdoor about a company they were asked to leave 3 months ago. Maybe this person should concentrate more on learning how to INSERT A COLUMN instead of writing false reviews. Minder

They told me that it was not an 8 to 5 job and asked me if I was willing to work more than 40 hours a week and if not this wasn't the job for me. the controller told me we normally work 40 to 60 hours a week and then some and then during inventory time we come in on weekends on our own time I didn't like that but she said once you become a manager you're ours Minder

How can your experience help this company

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Hi sir I know what about civil engineer works I have experience also 7 years I will do my best in company Minder

I know all about civil engineering works

Hi Sir, I am mechanical engineering. I have 12 years of experience in manufacturing field. And project side also. I Will do my best in company Minder


What is your weakest traits?

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lack of negotiation skill

Comfort Medical

What's your week points?

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Lack of dime experience

Medical biller with many hats


What motivates you?

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The ability to help others and for them to see that there are others that are willing to help them. Minder

I have a strong motivation to help others. That's why I am a Home Health Aide right now. If this is a personality trait that you find beneficial, I'm your person! Minder

Republic Services

After seeming instantly put off by the way I said "Hi," (not even joking), there was a stiff pause and then Jessica said, "So tell me something about you." I'm sorry, but that's too broad a question and not a good way to lead into an interview. Telling her about my personal stats in not appropriate, and she's got my work history in front of her. What does she want?

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Whoa! I think you may be looking at this all wrong. Emotions are difficult to judge over the phone and harder still with a perfect stranger. You are the one looking for a job, so let it go. Tell me something about yourself is a pretty standard question, and it's a chance for you to walk the interviewer thru your work history (do it chronologically) pointing out the most important stuff that doesn't quite come across in print. It's an opportunity to connect the dots of what you've done and what they NEED DONE. Minder

So I calmly said, " have my resume there...what would you like to hear more about?" By now we are REALLY not hitting it off--when she paused for effect again, I swear I nearly hung up, and I should have. Then she snottily said, "Well MOST PEOPLE can tell me something about them- selves." Again, no hint of something like, "I see you did such and such at your last job, can you tell me more about that?" Also, no warmth at all. Apparently she just called me to let me know I was stupid. Minder

Community Loan Servicing

What makes me qualified for the position

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I have plenty of experience and I'm always open to learn more

I have many years of business to business credit and collection experience. I worked four years for an electrical supplier where we pre-paired and sent certified lien letters for payment. Eager to expand on that base. My work ethic and attention to detail should prove useful in this business. I like to stay busy, learn and work with people. Minder

Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing

How would you handle an irate customer or client over the phone?

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First and foremost Calmly speaking getting their undivided attention… mam or sir May I explain how this works please. I will place you on a brief hold while I research your account and I will be right back with you. Thank you Minder

I would explain to them in detail the situation regarding xyz issue pertaining to their account in detail and offer to forward them information that was broken down for their records. Minder

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