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Mercantile Bank
Er werd een Commercial Credit Analyst gevraagd...28 juni 2015

What are your strengths?

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Try to link strengths with examples, especially to do with previous experience at a bank Minder

Navigant Credit Union

What would you add back to net income to estimate the ability of a company to repay a potential debt?

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Interest Expense and non-cash expenses such as amortization and depreciation, as well as any significant non-recurring expenses or overages. Additionally, if it was an operating company paying rent to a real estate holding company also owned by the same person, you could add back all excess above and beyond the holding company's cash need for property expenses and mortgage, if applicable. Minder


Your five year plan goals

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I look to staying until I retire


You tried you best but you still fail. How you manage the balance?

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General interview questions.

Enterprise Bank & Trust

What questions can we answer for you?

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Multiple questions about ... work-life balance, continuing education, details about the team, challenges in the role, training, and etc. Minder

Enterprise Bank & Trust

What is something you liked and didn't like about [previous employer; note they were also in the financial industry]?

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Like: Free raffles for concents, sporting events, other entertainment activities within the community. Dislike: Call center like environment with matrixes we had to adhere too. Also, having to be tied to my phone from start to finish during my shift. Minder

Bank OZK

Basic: experience, types of credits underwritten

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3 years, CRE and C&I

Bank OZK

What size deals from prior job?

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between $750,000 and $25,000,000

Popular Bank

strength/weakness question. Make sure to have examples.

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How much was the range of salary that they offer you?


What is your earliest start date?

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I replied that I needed to relocate but an option was to utilize my PTO and come there to acclimate to the position and then work remotely for the relo. Minder

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