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Park Avenue Asset Management
Er werd een Commodity Broker gevraagd...16 juli 2013

Simple sales interview.

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Do yourself a favor and pass on by...

For anyone who knows how this industry works- the Series 3 license does not need to be sponsored - a person can get it themselves without being sponsored by a firm. This applicant clearly lied about that statement. In any event- all positions are commission only positions - they always have been and that will never change. The only agreement we make with a broker we extend an invite to join our team is that we will register them and provide support in their efforts to build a client book of business etc. We provide all approved material and information for product etc.. We supervise all aspects off their efforts to bring in new clients to ensure that its being done properly and compliant with the regulations for which we are held to as a registered firm. Minder

Do you want to be a broker?

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do you have kids ???????

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What business i had in mind

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Soft commodities and energy

Park Avenue Asset Management

Are you in a strong enough Financial Position to get involved in a career that is Commissioned Based. Are you prepared to have to work long hours & make a lot of phone calls every day while building your book of business.

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I of course said it would be a change but for the right opportunity- I was willing to come in and give it 100% + & work at it properly, etc.. Minder

Who are your main clients ?

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I just told him them who I am making business with

Park Avenue Asset Management

"Do you see yourself as a hard worker who can make hundreds of calls a day and survive in a career that is commission based?"

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I told him that I am a hard worker and will give it everything I have to bring in business and to expand my book. I give my career 100%+. Minder

McQuilling Energy Brokerage Asia

What was the toughest problem you have faced?

McQuilling Energy Brokerage Asia

Sell me this bottle of water.

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