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Credit Acceptance
Er werd een Internal Communications Specialist gevraagd...28 september 2022

I was asked how soon I could start, do I have any conflicts that might interfere, my background, etc.


About past experience, analytical tools knowledge

Astellas Pharma US

How would you handle social media in a highly regulated industry?

BETAH Associates

What is your experience developing and implementing communication plans/

Meals on Wheels Collin County

Fundraising in a Post-Pandemic in a social media driven world?

Seoul Robotics

Tell us about your past experiences.

The Crown Estate

Standard experience/career to date What would your line manager say was your strength and what area of development

Coastal Community Foundation

Some questions focused on the job itself. Others focused on concepts important to this group, including DEI.


Tell me about your experience? What interests you about this role? Why would you consider this role if the salary isn't as high as your current one? I don't understand, why would you consider it?

Environmental Defence

A few scenario questions: "What would you do if..." and "you have these 4 assignments with [they gave due dates] and this [work crisis] came up. How would you plan your day?"

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