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Er werd een Completion Engineer gevraagd...11 oktober 2017

I was given a scenario where I was stranded in the desert with no one else around. I also had some 20 or so items with me but unfortunately I could no longer take all with me. I was instructed to pick only 5 or so items that would help me live as long as possible in the desert until I could signal for help.

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The interview question stated here was it part of the group excercise

Yes it was part of the group exercise but bare in mind that was an interview back in 2009 so fingers crossed, the questions haven't changed so much. Minder


Do you prefer office or field

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They focus a lot on past achievments. Wanted to know about processes or methods put in place.

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I spoke about frac designs and accomplishments form the past.

Halliburton Energy Services

Where do I see myself in 5 yrs?

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I plan to build a long term career by coming in as a completion engineer, get promoted and contribute to the future growth of the company Minder


Wat gaat er komend jaar met de olieprijzen gebeuren? En waarom?

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Uiteraard weet niemand dat maar geef een gefundeerd antwoord. Denk aan productie beperking in het midden oosten en de toename van de productie in de VS bij een stijging van de olieprijs Minder


2 day long assesment

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very broad


Answer situational questions. For example: Tell me about a time when you and a past employee disagreed on a problem. How was it resolved?

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I gave an honest and truthful story with the added jargon that the Chevron algorithm is looking for of course. Minder


Why did I choose Expro?

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Because I was looking for a career opportunity as well as business development.

Relevant work experience

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Talked about recent experience and how it related to the current job.

Devon Energy

The asked me about my latest project from a previous employer and commented on some of thework they had been doing in the same area.

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I discused data from the project that was already in the public domain.

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