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Crestline Hotels & Resorts
Er werd een Conference Services Manager gevraagd...21 juni 2015

How my background could benefit the position.

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Explanation of past experience.

Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

Q: What year did you graduate college?

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A: 2009 Their response to that was "Oh, so you're old?"

Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

Q: With all of your experience, why haven't you achieved your goal of being a Catering Director?

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A: I haven't found the right property and management company that I've wanted to settle with. I'm looking for a company that will help support me and move me into that level position. Minder

Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

Q: Why are your long term goals?

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A: To be a Catering Director


What are you doing here?

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I taking a freaking interview, that you set up, you idiot.

Dolce La Hulpe Brussels

Pourquoi vouloir travailler dans l'hotellerie ?

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Pour sa diversité de postes, de progression et la satisfaction client mesurable en direct. Minder

FLIK Hospitality Group

How do I feel my previous experience in the hotel industry will transfer over to conference services for the client?

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Hospitality is about selling an experience. Hotels all have beds, food, and meeting rooms, but unique to my hotels, they have the experience that my team and myself have built specifically to our guest. Likewise, joining a new team with a new client, we will be selling them the experience the anticipate in their meetings. If we can sell a unique and fulfilling experience, there is nothing our clients can expect from us that we will not surpass. Minder

Topnotch Resort

Why Topnotch?

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Because Topnotch is open to and embraces change. Topnotch sells itself. It is an exceptional property that is taken care of by people who are invested in making their jobs at Topnotch not just jobs, but careers. We have the support of Benchmark Hospitality and they make sure that we have everything that we need to make our property not just successful, but the best resort in the state of Vermont. Minder


Tell us about your experience in resorts


What kind of sales experience do you have? What kind of events have you overseen in your past roles?

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