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I was asked a brain teaser at the end of the interview: you have a cube of 10*10*10 little cubes. How many cubes are left after you remove all the cubes on the edge.

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8*8*8 = 512

First, remove the 8 corner cubes, since each corner cube is common for 3 edges. 8 removed Next, remove the cubes on the 12 edges. With the corners removed, each edge will have 8 cubes 12 * 8 = 96 removed Total number of cubes = 10*10*10 = 1000 Number of cubes removed = 8 + 96 = 104 Number of cubes remaining = 1000 - 104 = 896

The inhabitants of an island you live on will build a bridge following the ideas of their leader. You are sure the bridge is unsafe. How will you convince the inhabitants of the faulty design

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Pourquoi Deloitte ?

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Why do you want to work in consulting?

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Hoe is het met jouw frans gesteld?

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Since I entered the company, I had no SAP experience whatsoever.

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How many people are in the air at this moment?

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They asked whether I know what is the business they do and how they do it, and what I would like the most to do.

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Hoe link jij je ervaring met de persoon die we zoeken ?

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In Paris it was to present ourselves to the group, our questions to them and then a short case presentation. In Brussels mostly about yourselves, some situational questions and why Alcimed and why that role.

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