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Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd
Er werd een Casino Marketing Coordinator gevraagd...22 februari 2013

Do you believe in Big Foot?

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Yes, I am married to her.

Do you want me to believe in Big Foot?

I believe in Bigfoot as a symbol. A symbol for uneducated people that there may still be mystery and excitement in the world. A symbol so inspiring people will do absurd things to seek out that excitement. In this light, Bigfoot is an example of how easily people will believe in something they wanted to all along. Now we just need to convince them that a cruise will get them laid/ save their marriage/ reconnect them to their kids/ make them feel young again/ make memories that will last a lifetime and we'll be tripping over piles of cash. Minder

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Would you prefer to have 1) a task with given "step-by-step" completion recommendations or 2) just an overall goal that you have to accomplish, and if you stay within the area of allowed actions - you are good, so you can decide in which way you are going to accomplish the goal.

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it's depend on environmental approach not our personal desire, either predictive (step by step) or adaptive (rush to the goal) Minder

Step by step completion

The second. I want to try different ways of resolving the problem to find one that will work best for me. Also, I will probably find a way that will work best not only for me but for whole company. In such case, it is better not only for me but also for my company. Minder

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Royal Caribbean Group

If you are able to work over time

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FedEx SupplyChain

Would I be a team player

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Marriott International

Why do I think I would be a good fit for Marriott

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Varay good marrit hotel

I know about this chain very good management i have experience in this brand

Because I'm not join with you as a worker, want to be a partner

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UnitedHealth Group

What would you do if you had three things that needed to get done ASAP and you were the only one in the office?

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They want to know if you up understand TEAM work and COMMUNICATION. You are not an island unto yourself, ask a coworker or manager for assistance in prioritizing tasks or to take on one of the tasks. Minder

Work on the most important to the least and do everything you can to get all tasks complete. Even if it means staying late to do it. Minder

Basically, they are trying to find out how you respond to pressure.

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what are your strengths

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My strength is "to always learn more today than I knew yesterday"

My strengths are dedication to learn and strive for accuracy

My ability to be resilient, adaptable and a problem solver who is not afraid to make decisions when needed. Minder

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describe the 3 aspects of the project management triangle

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It's actually time, quality and cost according to the PMBOK

scope, resources & time

Thats an absolutely correct answer

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Kohler Co.

"Do you know SAP?" "The current employee in this position seems to have a lot of free time - what would you do to occupy your downtime?"

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I would discuss other job functions I could take on.

Assist others to learn more about the company and a new skill set.

Could you please list the questions they asked in the first phone interview?? Thank you so much! Minder

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Mount Sinai Health System

What are your future goals?

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Want to grow like Tree .

1 weakness My weakness is that I see a person in pain and I cannot help him, and my strength is when I feel a better person on my way, whatever of his color, religion or gender. I only care that he is a human being. it’s to see some one Minder

My future ambition (goals) is to be a heart surgeon for children and to gain many experiences that qualify me for human service Minder

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