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Commercial Bank of Dubai
Er werd een Credit Manager Credit Risk gevraagd...8 februari 2021

Key risks from banking perspective

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Covid Oversupply in real estate

J.P. Morgan

How did you face a problem you encountered last time.

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Based on my experiences

Standard Chartered Bank

Why do you want to leave your current job?

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My contract is ending and I need a full time job.


How many gas stations are there in USA

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step by step , reasoning

Deutsche Bank

Whether I am willing to travel

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Bajaj Finance

Are you married or single ? They ask because single person can work more than married at mid level position.

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Fortunately they forgot to ask me but that becomes unfortunate for me.


They usually ask case studies and resume based questions. Even if you answer well, dont expect an onsite call, there salary levels are low and they dont have any competetive advantage, it is no more peer to peer lending.

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I answered questions well and they were impressed. HR is not fast as you would expect, they will give you standard reasons for rejecting you. May be it is there prejudice. Minder

Oriental Bank of Commerce

basel ii

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all the pillars of it


Briefly describe your current role and what you plan to gain and contribute here at Yapstone?

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Almost 20 years in Credit Management who brings a balance of experience as well as the importance of fostering and developing relationships with internal and external customers. Minder

American Express

Technical portion: Q: You have an average of three classes with different amount of students in each class. You have the average score of each class. How do you calculate the average of all three classes? Q: Name a major expense on our(Amex) P&L Q: How do you find out if a product you introduced is working as expected? What if you can't use past data to compare? Behavioral: Q: Name a time you received negative feedback/criticism. How did you cope? Q: Name a time where you improved a process or a project you led.

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A: This is a weighted averages problem. (N*Avg. Score)/N A: Interest Expense from lending A: Use A/B testing. Split out target group 80/20 and compare in a hypothesis test format. Minder

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