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Er werd een Director of Interior Design Aviation gevraagd...16 februari 2013

Only question asked in our now 8 minute call was " How do you handle CONFLICT both inside the firm as well as with the clients? " THIS WAS THE OPENING QUESTION FROM A CREATIVE/ TECHNICAL FIRM? So after I stated I had heard the same first question from another Seattle leading design firm I concluded that coffee and cloud cover make for less than happy work environments in Seattle. Creative, pressure cooker environments are my playground but this is NOT the first question I would ask of my new hires. Total turn off and a super red flag that you will be swimming with nasty sharks in and out of the office. Creativity is not fruitful when the charge is all negative surrounding the teams.

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I think there is an issue with firms that allow their "enfants terrible" to get away with disrespecting and abusing the team members. Same goes with clients who abuse their consultants. If mutual respect is absent then outcome is compromised. Brilliance, creativity, collaboration cannot come from a place of derision or snobbery. Maybe the Steve Jobs of this world sowed the seeds of this behavior but is that a work ethic I need or want to accept? No.Too much of one's creative spirit goes into these kinds of firms to be self flagellating at the hands of malfunctioning office morale. Going to work, sitting in meetings and presenting high dollar concepts amidst hissing and spitting contributors means high attrition and high stress. Business is about relationships and Teague seems to have lost their viewpoint here. Was a Wild Card for me but thought it would be a fun challenge. Nothing FUN about this at all. Minder


"Who should UX report to in a company?" This was the only question asked by the person who made the decision.

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Product Management (wrong answer)

Similar interview, they seem to have some really odd thoughts on this. It should definitely roll up to Product Management not Engineering Minder


why do you want to leave your current company?

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My current company is quite good, and I love it. I want to leave her, because the position is a bit lower to me, and there are so many colleagues, it will cost me a long time to promote a higher one. Minder

Yes indeed


what makes a good design?

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really???? come on...

That's such a broad question, like what other aspects are involved? Are we assuming ideal situation where you have all the time in the world? Are we talking about technical design choices, preventing anti-patterns, optimizing code to save computation/ space and scalable solutions? Or do they value maintainability and/or good self-evident code documentation? It really depends on what the company prioritizes... Minder

That would be "When can you start?"

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Out if respect for my then current employer I said "Two weeks" which was acceptable. Minder

Sesame Workshop

Can you use your rare ability to draw and create art to make a gift portrait for the Vice president of the United State and his wife?

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Yes! I had been hoping for an opportnity to participate directly toward the Obama Presidency and this was the opportunity. I did a full color painting of him, his wife and several Sesame Street Muppets. They were thrilled when our FOunder and CEO presented the painting to them. Minder

BRPH Companies

How I would fit into the organization, reporting structure, and advancement possibilities?

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Report to satelite office manager


Why would people come if I try to hire them into Maxlinear.

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Because they have followed before.


What are you looking for out of a company?

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There's a lot of elements to typically cover in these questions, clarifications, scoping, making sure you're answering the actual question the interviewer is looking for you to answer, etc. Could be worth doing a mock interview with one of the Prepfully DuckDuckGo Director of Product Design experts... they've worked in the role so they clearly know how to get through the interview. Minder

Jockey International

What was your college GPA?

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I gave it, but my resume is far more impressive than my GPA (3.8) from 20 years ago. Seemed like a pretty juvenile question for an industry professional. Minder

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