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The Profs Tuition
Er werd een Quantitative Specialist (Finance and Econometrics Tutor) gevraagd...12 mei 2016

What kind of subjects are you looking to teach?

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I detailed my CV and what relevant subjects I could teach. Also went through my demo. Minder

To implementing the policies and plans developed by the top managers

To improve the policies and plans developed by the top managers co-workers the activities of the lower level management. Minder

Simmons Bank

Describe your experience with the statistical softwares such as SAS, STATA, Eviews, R, Python.

American Express

regression based numerical

Boston Strategies International

How would you rate your language level? Are you interested in moving around? Can you work independently? (very general, nothing econometric related)

Brightblue Consulting

- What variables will you include in a linear regression of sales (of a certain product) - Talk about an econometrics project you've done

Simmons Bank

What is the difference between modeling team and model validation team

American Express

type of errors in research

American Express

based on time series analysis ARMA, ARIMA

Bliss Point Media

Tell me about a time you [insert unlikely scenario]


The question about what I would do if the direction of my boss was opposed to my opinion is most difficult.

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