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You have to design an LDO with an output voltage of 2V and a supply of 3.6. What is the problem and how do you solve it?

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From the formulation of the question it was clear that there was a voltage stress on the device, but I needed informations on the technology to answer that (maximum voltage rating, ..). I didn't obtain any detail. I could not think of any solution to the problem (I was assuming CMOS technology), when he told me: you use a DMOS as a pass-device. Well, he did not even say that the technology was BCD..

I think the first one question is efficiency, cause this LDO would have the terrible efficiency = 2/3.6 is just around 56%.

Were this questions for a graduate vacancy? or experienced Analog designer (2-3 years)

Tell me about the internal structure of a software program that you were part of creating.

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omschrijf jezelf

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why do you want to work in IBA?

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Provide an example of a technical troubleshooting experience with use of troubleshooting tools.

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Waarom wil u voor Engie Fabricom komen werken? Wat interesses stroken met onze activiteiten?

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No specific questions

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Why you are leaving your current job What are binaries and where are they are in linuc server

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Why are you the best person for the job? (asked twice after HR forgot he already asked it)

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Question I asked ML6 members: Did any of you read this paper or are familiar with the methods?

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