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Union Square Hospitality Group
Er werd een Sports and Entertainment gevraagd...1 februari 2018

Why do you think you would be a good fit for Union Square

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I am a very hard work's

I need a lot of jobs and I am a bartender here at Golden Tulip Hotel in India.

This is the game that we have to make guest houses love, they have to attract us

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Sony Music Entertainment

An artist is expected to arrive at a hotel that a colleague has booked, you discover that the booking was not completed, with the artist expected to arrive in a few hours, what do you do?

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Communicate with your colleague who made the booking, and inform them that booking was not completed. Then contact the hotel, and arrange another room if available. Once the booking is completed, inform the artist of the complication, but all has been sorted, and update artist with itinerary Minder

I 'd make an immediate booking with that hotel and explain the importance for making a room available . Minder

Future Shop

What would you do if a customer was angry and complained to you.

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Stay calm, empathize for what happened, do not take it personally, apologize.


They asked me to take them through my previous work experiences.

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I gave an elaborate explanation of my previous employment.

Chessington World Of Adventures

What can you bring to our team

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I enjoy working in a team and bouncing off others to gain the best results, I am also very independent and am able to think on my feet in time sensitive situations. Minder


Have you had any specific ideas on possible campaigns, if you were to work here?

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Maintain the Classics originality, style and name as traditionally yet try to expand into other markets that usually do not have Reebok as a top brand/pick for sneakers. Example would be for music festivals for genres like EDM/House, in which specific shoe styles could be marketed towards those consumer profiles. Minder

MSC Cruises

They gave a song lyric and asked me to read in three different formats/voices.

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I'm sorry ,could please rewrite the Question of vedio record kindly , I'm having thé dame during thé next days ! Minder


What is your best skill?

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Account Management, project management

Universal Orlando Resort

What do you know about the events business in Orlando?

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I had done a lot of online research about the overall business climate in the area and specific information about Universal's piece of it. It was an expected question, and I was very comfortable answering it. Minder


Why NBC?

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Tell us about yourself

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