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Er werd een Event Manager gevraagd...31 mei 2023

It was one off those "Tell me about a time..."


How my previous experience applied to this role.


What interests you about the Hilton brand?

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Hilton is a household name that is known as the 2nd best place to work in the country. The company culture and values seem like a positive space to develop professionally towards my goals. Minder

21c Museum Hotels

Everything about communication management not event management


Q: Why do you want to join Tiktok? Q: What will you do to make special if you host a B2B event at Tiktok?


Case Study: Develop an event for them.

Royal Management Inc

Do you have student mentality?

21c Museum Hotels

What are your Weaknesses as a leader

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Stay away from being strict when it comes to time and perfectionist, didn’t look like they like people like that Minder

21c Museum Hotels

Your strengths as a leader

21c Museum Hotels

What skills you have that cannot be found in other event managers

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