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Er werd een Events Producer gevraagd...25 januari 2014

What would you do if an Dolby Executive accidentally their Academy Awards ticket at home and you were on the 5th level of the theater?

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After I explained I didn't know the protocol for that particular event, as I am sure the security is extreme on that night, but I would do my best to contact someone at the Academy and quickly process the exec through the levels of security and get him in before the show. She said "NO----Unless you are a celebrity like Angelina Jolie, you don't get in without a ticket. No excuses." So, while I'm sure that is the case, how was I supposed to answer that question to her satisfaction? I was just saying I'd do my absolute best to take care of the situation - which is what any good event manager does. Minder

I would make sure that they made it to their seat immediately by making sure that the problem never happened in the first place. By keeping a list on file and where each person is seated, we would not run into the problem on the first place. First rule expect at these problems to occur, place appropriate safeguards so no one impersonate someone else or anyone is prevented from attending. Minder

Web Summit

Do you have any questions? (very first words at the start of the interview) Tell me a little about your background. Can you run through your resume? How do you work under pressure? What's your background managing teams? Greatest strength and weakness?

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Yes, what are your goals for this position? What's one thing you'd like to see done in the first 30 days? What are you looking to pay for this position? What is the dress code? What do you like most about working at Web Summit? What do you hate the most about...? What do you think the company needs to work on? I have extensive background working not only in management but also a deep technical knowledge as well. I started....... Other resume/experience related questions. Minder

Many thanks for your feedback. I am sorry that you have had this experience. As you can imagine, as a growing company hiring is our highest priority as well as building an interview process that gives us and the candidate as informed a decision as possible. It would seem on this occasion we missed the mark from your perspective but I would love the opportunity to discuss this further with you to both understand your experience in further detail as well as give what insight I can into your process. My email is ronan.mooney@ websummit.com Many thanks again for your honesty, I hope we get an opportunity to speak. Ronan Minder

That was easy. I had to tell them my favorite things about Chicago.

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I listed probably every little place I have been to. It helped, they are big on logistics. Minder


What component of event design/management are you aiming to focus on moving forward?

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The recruiter was aiming to identify where I would best fit since I came from a background that didn't require a specialization, so I focused on the niche I was looking to move into when afforded the opportunity: Project Management (or "Event Producer" as it's called in the event and production industry. Minder

S & P Global

Tell me about your experience producing similar events.

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I told them what I contributed to the events and my responsibilities. Local interviewer replied that 'it doesn't sound like a producer role'. Minder


Standard interview questions, nothing special.

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Described my experience and how my skills were a good fit for the role.

24 Carrots Catering and Events

They want you to explain how you fit their core values: trustworthiness, dedication, collaboration, and service excellence. And which one to you is the most important.

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I chose trustworthiness.

Source Marketing Direct

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

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As a cordinator

Procore Technologies

Please tell us how you measure the success of an event?

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Through attendee feedback in surveys both on-site and post event, also attendance numbers and growth of the program YOY. Minder

Fluent City

They asked me to brainstorm strategies for creating a unique experience within a cultural immersion class that would set it apart from classes of a similar nature.

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Without getting too specific, I had an opportunity to express my taste and approach to custom experiences :) Minder

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