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Oxford Economics
Er werd een Event Manager gevraagd...2 december 2022

A time when you have overcome a challenge when setting up an event.


Elaborate on your experience in events

Care Access Research

What is your name? I don't have your resume how about your just tell me what you are applying for? and Your background?

The Paramount Group Chicago

Have you worked off site at events before. Do you work well in a fast paced environment.

Hanson Wade

What is your greatest weakness

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Taking on all tasks

Saphire Event Group

heavy interest on candidate's experience


Professional background Field knowledge : Day to day, tools, KPIs, strategies

Almac Group

describe me a time when you worked as a team, overcame a problem, kind of questions like this...

From Day One

Basic questions about my background planning events.

Chab Events

What are the 5 pillars of our company?

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