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Er werd een Export Coordinator gevraagd...13 juli 2012

its not a question but the harderst was: tell me about yourself which is alway hard, where to start and where to finish, but overall there are no hard questions ask

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My name is Meriam Tumapa Espejo, 44 years old from Negros Oriental, Philippines. I am a social work graduate by profession. Working for almost 20 yrs as a Community Development Specialist both private and government institutions. Commitment to work, honesty, and respect to others are my best policy in my career. Dealing with people is not easy kind of work but i can still manage and gaining their sympathies to support my work and to make it easy.... Minder

My Name Is Dosunmu Olanrewaju Ahmed, A master degree student Tourism And Hospitality Management Searching for a Job In your Office ... Minder

Mediterranean Shipping Company

Favorite Place.

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Did the person interview looked and acted less intelligent?

Samrin Services

Tell me something about yourself

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Imean is this true. How people work in this kind of office

I have informed everything about me. My Qualification, Family members, Work Experience etc. Minder

Leonardo DRS

How do you handle a difficult boss?

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Be polite and professional, try to understand what is driving the persons position and find out how you can support them in your role as an export compliance manager. Your job is to protect the company, but it is also to help them meet their goles. Minder

DRS has zero concern for the employees any longer. Finmeccanica will divest and you will no longer be of any use Minder


What does C&D stand for ?

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Cost and Duty

Acronym, Definition. C&D, Construction and Demolition. C&D, Cease and Desist (legal order). C&D, Construction and Development. C&D, Charge and Discharge Minder

Shipco Transport

if you would accept a lower pay because of their budget.

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DHL Global Forwarding, Freight

Why would you want to work at DHL?

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I wanted to experience and learn new things. I believe DHL can give me the opportunity to do so. Minder

May I ask which staffing agency you applied through?

They asked me to speak English during the meeting

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I accepted and the meeting continued in English language.

Are you to ready to move any where with your family

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XL Energy Drink

They asked me about my experience, the languages I spoke, whether I do mind business travels, and about my techniques to bring in new clients for the company.

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I just answered with the truth that was already presented on my CV.

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