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Er werd een Finance Administrator gevraagd...7 november 2017

What if scenarios asked. What if 2 people needed something at the same time.

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I would use common sense to prioritize the tasks. Or seek advice from my manager. I am accustomed to assisting 20-30 people daily. Minder


Trentham Invest

why do you want to work for Trentham Invest?

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Progressive, forward thinking, modern.

Because it's so bad, you have to experience it to believe it.


What are our work experiences? What do you know about the company?

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I have enumerated my work experiences and as to my knowledge about the company, I conducted a research about it after receiving an invite email. Minder


Q: Describe the errors that you made at work and explain what you did about it?

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I gave an example of coding error and explained implications this error would have further down the line. To fix it, I had to change the check process to ensure these type of errors will not appear in the future again. Minder


How did you come to the decision of choosing Accounting for your career?

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I have made some changes in my studies and my work in the past, during these periods I had discovered more about what I really want to do, what fits me the best in terms of characteristics and background. I spoke to people working in this field to know more about the actual job functions in different industries to know about it and see whether my capabilities would meet the job requirements. This is the kind of job that I would enjoy spending my free time in learning more about it, which means that I would be happy doing it in the long run. Minder


What are you looking for in this role?

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I want to make good use of the knowledge obtained during my study in the actual working environment and become more pragmatic. As this is a new role and the job functions can still be developed over time, it means that I will have the opportunities to learn and become more flexible in this field, which will be of great use in my future career. Minder

Apex Group

How I would transfer my tech developer skill into finance administrator skills?

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I think I said something like I'm able to keep things organise.


about expected salary

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I'm sure that a company like Schlumberger is having a solid system for payroll and benefits based on job duties & experience. Minder

Institute of International Education

I am goal-oriented and expect people in my team to keep up with my pace. Do you think you have what it take?

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Solely for the purpose of analyzing body language and to analyze at the interviewees confidence. Minder

DHL Express

why should we hire you

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- talk about your personality and working experience match with the job requirements Minder

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