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Pakistan Tobacco Company
Er werd een Assistant Manager Finance gevraagd...5 februari 2010

What is standard costing?

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Standard costing is an accounting system used by some manufacturers to identify the differences or variances between: The actual costs of the goods that were produced, and. The costs that should have occurred for the actual goods produced Minder

Deferred tax liability is a tax that is assessed or is due for the current period but has not yet been paid. ... A deferred tax liability records the fact the company will, in the future, pay more income tax because of a transaction that took place during the current period, such as an installment sale receivable. Minder

Absorption costing, sometimes called full absorption costing, is a managerial accounting method for capturing all costs associated with manufacturing a particular product. The direct and indirect costs, such as direct materials, direct labor, rent, and insurance, are accounted for using this method. Absorption costing is required by generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) for external reporting. Minder

CCI France

3 défauts / 3 qualités

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Une expérience positive / une négative sur votre précédent stage

Sry monsieur mais il n'y a qu'un seul défaut en moi c'est une ou deux fois je ne fais pas mon travail dans un temps donné Minder

défauts: Sry monsieur mais il n'y a qu'un seul défaut en moi c'est une ou deux fois je ne fais pas mon travail dans un temps donné qualités: La plupart du temps, je fais mon travail dans un temps donné ou avant cela aussi. Je fais mon travail avec précision. Il y a beaucoup moins de mal dans mon travail. Minder


After all the work you will put in to prepare yourself, they will not get back to you. UNPROFESSIONAL!!

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I am disappointed that we did not get back to you timely. Our hiring processes are lengthy but not letting you know status is not right. We can do better. Minder

They just don't follow up on their qualified prospects. They will continue to look for the 'perfect' person but they will never find him/her. DON"T WASTE YOUR TIME. Minder


What do you enjoy more in a company? Having fun, having stability, or being assertive. Remember you have to choose two options !

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This isn’t correct. The question is what is most important and what is least important amongst the three. It is basically getting you to list them in order Minder

Whatever combination you chose can be wrong, especially if the same question occurs again, but this time with a different set of answers, where one can option can be the same, but the others rephrased: What do you enjoy more in a company? Relations with collegues, being proactive or having fun. Again by having to choose two and not having a don't know/don't answer option you end up choosing things that do not represent your opinions. Minder


ESIC applicability

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Proper answer as per rule

Apologies, for being in hurry that day dear interviewee. Thanks for the post, which in turn made me realize that I get no rights to waste anyone's time. I will surely correct myself personally on that note. Regards, A Lady. Minder

1.Tel us about your self 2.What is team work 3.How do you handle work pressure etc

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1.Gave brief of my academic qualification,my abilities and experience 2.I first of all define the objective of the company the went ahead to indicate that you late sinage your expeties as group to the attainment of the goal,remove bottle necks or red tape in excution of work and no one should see him/her alone as victor but as wiiners as a group when goals are attained 3Presure is a daily bread of life and time management is the key and prioritizing work is the key and delegation of responsibility was another aspect to relieve pressure Minder

I would like to find out if the the position for the Finance and Procurement Assistant has been filled at FSD Zambia Minder

Management Sciences for Health

Where will you be in five years’ time?

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Abuja, Nigeria.

I will be in my husband house

Working for the company

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Marsh Commercial

Would you say your body language changes when you are on the telephone ???

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Very well and all the rest of the questions and after been in the Interview for over a hour was introduced to the Financial Controller Kay and had a chat with her. I had a Interview lasting hour and 20 mins. The update after the interview a huge disappointment compared to when they wanted you to attend the Interview and If this is how they waste your time and money travelling for the Interview. To be told they looking for a graduate or someone just starting their career when this is not mentioned on the job advertisement and for the experience they require for the role seems untrue. I was promised by recruitment they would get me a proper answer and update me and this never happened after 2 weeks and no definite confirmation I did not or did get the role. They cannot be a good company to work for if this how they treat people who have allocated time and effort for a role they wanted. co founders Chris Jelf 2 fold vision regarding building relationships does not ring true and maybe he needs re-train staff on his vision Minder

Same here a wasted Interview and mis-lead and no feedback after the Interview and the roles still advertised. I office I walked through for the interview was so quiet that you could hear a in drop. Im glad i did not get the role If that's how quiet you have to be in the office, like been at school !!! Minder

World Health Organization

What was your achievement as a Finance Assistant

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I achieved my goal and my job's objective.

Accountant assistant

Questions about prepration of balance sheets, finalisation of account and tax returns consisting direct or indirect taxes.

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I have given all answers that too with professionalism.

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