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Er werd een Front Office Manager gevraagd...25 januari 2023

Why do you like working with us

White Lodging

What are your goals with a company?

Budget Blinds

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

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Not sure working on that vision currently.

Northside Hospital

What is your greatest strength?

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My greatest strength is


What is your management style?

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Lead through coaching, communication. Will vs. skill

Omni Hotels

What’s your greatest weakness? How would you handle coaching an agent? Tell me about yourself?

Embassy Suites

What are you working hours?

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I'm very available and flexible. Although I'd prefer consistent morning shifts and get 2 days off consecutively when possible. I am willing to work the weekends. Minder

Acuity Eye Group

What did you like least about your past employer?


How do you deal with difficult situations ?

Remington Hotels

They asked many things. It was a nice interview.

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My answers were straight forward to the questions. And I felt comfortable answering them. Minder

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