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Marriott International
Er werd een Front Office Supervisor gevraagd...8 januari 2017

Give a specific example of a time you went above and beyond to help a guest or co-worker.

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I discussed the time I worked at a hotel on the Boston waterfront during a hurricane. I walked through the North End to get to the hotel in the pouring rain, on my day off, to help. Minder

There were two elderly lady’s, they were waiting at least an hour for transportation to come and take them to the hotel next-door. I nicely asked my coworker to watch the front desk for me and I dropped them next-door to the next hotel. Because of my kindness I received a $10 tip. Minder


Why hotels

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The best form of hospitality there is

Helping others is rewarding and fun!

Describe how you managed a difficult guest and what did you learn from it? What are your weakness? Why do you want this position? What attracted you to this company?

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There was a guest dissatisfied with their room location, they requested a certain view that was not visible due to location therefore I offered a different layout that may satisfy. the guest. While I could not provide a requested view the room I provided was a larger and a view of glimpse of the city, Guest had given a great review on how attentive, empathetic on their needs, Due to my length of my recent job (13 years) I would say loyalty is my weakness Hearing they are a members only club and wanted to make it open to the public I felt the it would be an opportunity to assist them in expanding their non member guest. The history of the club peaked my interest Minder


Erfahrung Fragen

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Da ich bei der Hotelkette meine Ausbildung gemacht habe war die Antwort nicht so schwer. Habe keine Erfahrung genannt. Minder


gve an example of a time you displayed excellent customer service

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made up an example

Embassy Suites

what is your strength

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following up my actions and attention to details

Remington Hotels

When can I start and am I currently employed?

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Immediately and yes I have presented a two weeks notice!

Marriott International

Tell me about a time when you had to work with someone who was difficult to get along with.

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Everything situation is different for everyone but I do my best to find a middle ground and common goals. Minder

Four Points By Sheraton

What can you do as a supervisor to meet targets?

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Make sure everyone is aware of the goals and set individual goals as well.

City Relay

What are your previous experiences ?

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What are the skills for you to be a Front Office supervisor ?

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