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Er werd een General Merchandise Clerk gevraagd...12 september 2015

tell me about a time wher you had t work with someone difficult and how you responded to that.

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dealt with the person calmly and let them v ent before answering and helping them with their question. Minder

Let the customer vent before you say what can we do to make this right..with a smile. Minder

How may I help you , can you please let me know ,how I can help you make sure we help make this a priority Minder

Conner & Winters

Can you work in quickly changing environment

2 antwoorden

Yes, can adapt and multitask!

Yes I have


Basic interview questions: strengths/weaknesses, experience relation to the job

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Just google some really good answers and tailor it to your experience

Identify something such as patience and why like “ patience because sometimes I’m eager to be promoted and Eventhough it may be right another candidate gets chosen & how I’ve fixed this is to believe in supervision for their choice and believe in the candidate chosen to fulfil the job duty . Minder

Duane Reade

Describe an error that you made in a work atmosphere and how you dealt with it.

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Regardless of what you say or the situation be sure to note that you took responsibility for it. Minder

I admitted my error and corrected it right away!

Serco (France)

What's you're favorite color

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Save-On Foods

What do you know about save on foods?

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*do research

There are very friendly staff and good management

Skyline Ultd

Can I read an ERB

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K4 Solutions

Do you have problems following policies, even if you think they are ridiculous?

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No, I don't. It's not my company. I understand that policies are put in place for a reason. Minder

Devonshires Solicitors

They asked what I would do if I was given two tasks that were both equally important and needed to be completed by the end of the day

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I said I would be fair and honest with the individuals expecting the work from me and give them an estimated time frame. Minder

FCi Federal

there are none. they just want to know if you can lift 45 pounds and can pass a very hard government background check but don't believe them. the background check form is impossible to understand how to answer the questions asked and the people that are supposed to help you don't!!!!!

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Once you applied how long did it take for you to hear back from them?

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