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Marriott International
Er werd een Guest Service Representative (Front Desk) gevraagd...24 november 2014

will u stay with us ???

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I have three years of experience


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Extended Stay America

Are you able to work nights and weekends.

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Yes I was, I have complete flexibility.

Yes I can



Tell me about a time where you had to defend a co worker

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i had to defend my co worker when a customer was not satisfied with what was goin on so i kindly helped the customer out and it settled the problem for my co worker Minder

Once, a co-worker and I disagreed on the way an unsatisfied customer was dealt with. I decided to meet with them one on one to talk and resolve our dispute in a peaceful manner. We both agreed that our goal was to keep the customer happy and came to a compromise that consisted of both of our ideas. Minder

Marriott International

Where do you see yourself in one year?

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I wont say my answer, but this is a tricky question because they are directly asking if this is a permanent or temp job for you. Obviously they dont want to waste time and money training on someone that plans on leaving within 6 months. Minder

Very tricky

Comfort Suites

Have you worked with Choice before?

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Which I have

Yes I have

Nothing Bundt Cakes

Would you be comfortable cross training to learn different duties and jobs in the store?

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Yes, I would like that very much.


Oxford Properties

Describe a time where you had to use team work

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Describe a time where you had to deal with an angry customer

It was on June 2016, we had a lot of people visiting our place, it was a must we work as a team, it was a bit difficult because some could pretend they were working but not , the thing I did whatever I was asigned to do the next day I was given a gift for my good work while the others didn't receive. There's a time when a customer came and asked for something which was not there, I told her sorry we will bring it as soon as possible, she started yelling and talking ill , I tried to convince her to cool down and next day she came back and apologize and got what she wanted. So while dealing with angry customer you have to hear from them and be humble. Minder

Would you be okay with gift-wrapping?

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Yes, with training I would be willing to gift wrap.

Hampton Inn by Hilton

Why do you want to work at the Hampton Inn?

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I am in school for Hospitality Management and looking for experience in the field. Minder

Hampton Inn by Hilton

Do you have reliable transportation?

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